Friday, September 11, 2009

Paying Homage (pt.3)

What's up my people?? So continuing with my homage theme I felt it was only right to spotlight one of the best that has ever done it, and still doing it... Dj KIIIIIIIIDDDDD Capri.... This brother has transcended the epitome of the "DJ"....I remember the first time hearing one of his mix tapes....Crazy....I remember his show on 107.5 WBLS a couple of years back... The first time I meet Kid Capri was on a paintball trip he put together.. We took buses out to PA during the winter... It was Diamond, my brother KX, and myself....It was a cool day. The second time meeting him was to just hangout and listen to some beats over in Riverdale where he was living at the time near Diamond... It has been a pleasure listening to you over the years...So as a Dj you have certain moments in your career that you get excited about..Coming up this Tuesday September 15th, our company 238 Beats Entertainment alongside many other great promotions and entertainment companies have teamed up to bring Dj Kid Capri to his first ever NYC residency at club Taj....I won't say that I have butterflies, but I am excited to share the turntables with this legend....So it will be a great night NY and great experience....Make sure you comeout that night..doors open @ 8:00 pm with red carpet flare!!!!!!!If you miss it "The Jokes on You Jack".......Yep!!!!! Special shout to Dj Nickiee!!!!

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