Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last year this event was BANANAS.....This year expect no different... hosted by man @marcoglorious My #DJUSA fam is hosting the LI Ultimate Sneaker Expo!!!!! You see some of the sponsors so you already know how its going down... Shouts to my team DJ Sharad, Manu, DJ Chackoflavz, DJ Juicy, Dj Ash G!!!!! Shouts to Super Dj Clark Kent, the boy DJ Fatfingaz, DJ Ted Smooth, DJ Trase. DJ Juanyto!!!!! Shouts to ASneaks, Erica....Ms. Gimme 2 Pairs....PASNEAKERS.com... All Sneaker and Clothing heads MUST be at this event!!!! Make sure to visit..Ultimate Sneaker Expo 2014 for tickets, available booths and further information!!!!

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