Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around the Way

What up world? Please pardon my absence, I have been super busy working on my new company and life just in general.. So I get home last night from work and park my car. As I am getting my things together to exit the car I am approached by a lady who is speaking to me through the window. I have no idea what she is saying because I am not that great in reading lips....As I exit the car she says " Oh, I am sorry I was speaking to you in Spanish" My spanish is pretty decent, but her saying sorry had to do with my skin color, since I am of a darker shade...but I will explain to you the circumstances to what would make her say that, since I know that there are Latinos darker than me. She clearly was not thinking right which was summed up in her initial question which was " I am sorry, but I just wanted to know if you have some change because I need to call an ambulance"????? Are you serious??? Is this what it has come to now??? So I reply "Last time I checked to call 911 is a free call" So here is the kicker, and please excuse me if I assume wrong since it has been awhile that I have used a public pay phone she goes " No, not from the payphone" World, Hold On........ shout out to Bob Sinclair.....Have a great day World!!!!! Yep!!!!

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