Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dj For Hire

Okay, so I just came back from a family BBQ that a family member of mine has each year. I was originally asked to Dj for this event, but my Dad decided that it would be too much work to bring a generator.....etc....etc.....etc.....So as I arrived I heard the music playing......profanity blaring.....As a professional I try to make sure the music I play is clean, especially for this event since KIDS ARE IN THE PARK!!!!!!! Long story short, this Dj was playing audio from mixtape Dj's.....Nothing wrong with that...Shouts to LoveBug Starski.......but in this wasn't.....The songs would cutoff mid-verse.....So I walked over to ask for one of his business cards since he was shouting out that he is for HIRE come see him....When I asked for a card..He said" I don't have any cards at the time" that is so unprofessional of me, a girl behind me said" I thought you have business cards"....Hmmmmm, you think...especially after he was just announcing that he is available.....Okay well I let that one slide since there have been many times I have been caught without business cards.....So fastforward....You would figure that he would just pull out his cellphone or tell me to take down his number.....This brother decides to ask for a pen, and does he pullout a piece of paper???? Nope, this brother rips a Newport cigarette box in half and proceeds to write his information on that!!!!!! This isn't a young teenager just starting out in this wonderful craft that I LOVE.....He is up there.......I just shook my head as I walked away...What is more important is that his set up was from 1970...well I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.....I could go on and on, but I said long story short about two paragraphs ago......Get your game up fake Dj's......You are an embaressment....Yep!!!!!


  1. Man, that story was too funny..But on the flip side that's what the game has become today. The real dj's need to make a stand & let's get rid of the "fake djs" step at a time !!

  2. That is SO SUPER W H A C K!!!!!!!! story is hilarious but sad that we all have a similar one. Nothing worse than a whack DJ for anything, ever!

  3. playing pieces of mixtapes means he has no records/mp3's in his ocollection and since they cut off and nothng is cued up next mean his doesn't know his stuff. You should have KICKED A HOLE IN HE SPEAKER PULLED THE PLUG AND THE JETTED!!!!! LOL